Eee Pc 1015PE problem

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Eee PC Operate in Mac OS X

Does your PE have Bluetooth? My model does not, and I want to know if it's a problem with a specific chipset in the PE 3. What exact version of Ubuntu are you using? Netbook remix? It was a sweet deal New toy no workie! Any information is greatly appreciated. February 6th, 6. Join Date Dec Beans 7.

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I have to problem with Suspend or Shut Down with WIFI doesn't like to work in bit either. February 6th, 7. Join Date Feb Beans 1. This bug has got me stumped; I've put Close the lid and instead of suspending or hibernating it goes to a blank screen with an underscore in the top lefthand corner. Use the Fn F1 sleep button and the same thing happens. Try a restart and it goes to the shutdown log screen and freezes. Try to shutdown and it goes as far as the Ubuntu splash screen, cycles through to the third red dot on the progress bar and freezes.

Does anyone have an insight that will allow me to get this machine working as well as the rest? March 30th, 8.

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It is a fantastic little machine. In order to get Ubuntu's partitioner or any other OS partitioning tool for that matter to recognize the hard drive I just had to change some settings in the BIOS. Then partition and install as you wish. I immediately dumped Win7 Starter and the Asus cloud fastboot whatever thing that was.

That's not you, right?

If you erase the fastboot partition it shows up as an unknown partition type in Gparted you will also need to disable fastboot in the BIOS to prevent As far as sleep, hibernate and suspend go, I typically disable them since I have all of my computers networked and like to be able to access any file on my network at any time.

But I think that the issues with this particular laptop and the power management issues are derived from the boot booster partition and settings in BIOS. As of right now, I have 4 OSes on my pe; Ubuntu ASUS is awesome with their customer support and provided all the drivers necessary on their website.

I bought this computer for school and I've often run into times when I absolutely need internet explorer and MS office, otherwise I wouldn't bother with Windows at all. Unnecessary waste of HD space if you ask me. Each OS seems to have it's own little quirks. On Ubuntu, I'm can't disable tap clicking because the multitouch trackpad is detected as an Apple Mighty Mouse for some reason. I'm looking into installing a patched kernel to remedy this issue as it's the only major gripe I have about the computer.

Best OS for Eee PC?

Oh, and one thing I've found is that if you reboot the computer, sound will not work on Ubuntu unless you shut down the computer and then turn it back on with the power button Perhaps something to do with boot and shutdown flags as well. Puppy Linux is known to be pretty lightweight.

That should be your major point of focus, and a Linux flavour is going to be the offering to beat. GamerMan :. Dugimodo Distinguished. Sep 22, 1, 9 20, Yes Ubuntu software runs on MINT, and they both have a package manager and software manager for make getting software easier. Lubuntu is another option. Personally I always end up installing chrome as well as I find it works better with streaming sites than firefox.


Otherwise google will find you lots of articles on the best lightweight Linux distros. Dugimodo :. Oct 9, 40, , 8, My lenovo s with similar specs came with windows 10 32 bit. Oct 12, 1 0 10 0. Hi - I have a few of these - hobby. If it's the 4GB model then virtually nothing will fit on it now - apart from Puppy Linux which I also don't like. What I managed to fit on recently was Bodhi Linux 4 long term support till - which I love - very fast, lightweight and looks good. It just fits. Bodhi Linux 5 long term support won't fit - needs 5GB minimum - all the linux distros have got bigger in the last few years.

No other common Linux distros Xubuntu nor even Lubuntu will fit. I did try Lubuntu via mini iso install but wasn't happy with it - wasn't worth bothering with as no room for software. There is Tiny Core Linux but again nothing in it much! It's intended for use live, not installing. Bodhi has been my go to lightweight linux distro, even for larger hard drives. If you have an 8gb model then Bodhi or Xubuntu 18 would be my choice about 3gb left with Xubuntu.

Again not many others even fit on 8gb. If you have a with a 20 gb drive 4gb plus 16gb you can install on the 16gb and disable the 4gb. Would still stick with Bodhi or Xubuntu. Anything with a bigger hard drive - my choice would still be Bodhi or Xubuntu. Although if you have a good size hard drive I think Ubuntu Budgie has good reviews.

I've upgraded of the later standard hard drive Eee's to Windows 10 - they run fine if a bit slow - you need to have maximum ram available and turn off a lot of transparency settings to get it to run nippy enough. Sorry just re-read - you have a 16gb drive. I'd go with either Xubuntu or Bodhi 4. Bodhi 5 is good but not quite there yet - recently released and the odd fiddly glitch. Bodhi 4 runs like a dream.

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Minimal install and you add any software you want. They also have some very nice themes. The latest Xubuntu long term support based on Ubuntu 18 bionic beaver runs absolutely fine on an eee pc.

Bodhi is much faster. Windows wouldn't fit. You need a drive bigger than 32gb for either Windows 7 or Windows 7 runs really quite slow on them anyway and you need to find the odd driver. The Paladin Glorious Herald.